#CharlotteRising Gets a Jingle!

Big props to Barbara Fulton and Richard Tone of RichTone Guitars for creating just another testament to our community's readiness to revitalize! Watch the video here and follow along with the lyrics below:


We feel the ground moving underneath our feet;
Not an earthquake or tremor from the heat;
It's the sound of OUR town marching to its beat!

Charlotte is rising, gonna turn doubts upside down;
We'll make a main street worthy or renown;
So jump on in and get yourself downtown!

Charlotte rising... Charlotte rising...

There's inspiration in how we all connect;
And don't you see how our goals all intersect;
It's coming true, we're gonna be Main Street Select!

Charlotte is ready...yeah, it's ready, set and GO;
Yeah, we're organized and letting people know;
It's default to action, to see improvements flow.

Charlotte rising... Charlotte rising...

You must believe before you see it here;
It starts right here - just between our ears;
It's time for us to start REALLY living HERE!

Come on outside and walk on down the street;
There's projects to do and people here to meet;
We will all create new possibilities.

Charlotte rising... Charlotte rising!


Lyrics written by Barbara Fulton; accompaniment by Richard Tone. Performed downtown (of course) on August 12th at the 1st anniversary of Open Mic Night at Windwalker Arts & Underground Galleries. Dedicated to Charlotte's work toward being a "Main Street Select" community.