The Opportunity of a Challenge

It is no secret that we face some difficult challenges here...Nevertheless, if there was one takeaway that we hope Governor Snyder departed with, it’s that this community is truly special in its perspective of challenges.

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"INSPIRE, a new sculpture being gifted to AL!VE from the Howser family, captures the spirit of new beginnings that lead us to transform and evolve and become better. The sculpture is being built this summer and will be unveiled before Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital’s annual gala Thursday, Sept. 15."

This community is beyond powerful with a heart filled with generosity and inspiration.  

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A True Work of "HeART"

Our perfectly imperfect painting, however, was not about the product – it was moreover about the process. ... No dirt tire tracks or wet mud stains on the crosswalks can taint the pride we shared that day as a community. ... We showed what our community can accomplish together. 

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Revitalizing Charlotte through #CharlotteRising

A committee of local volunteers has assembled to coordinate resources, and they named the local Rising Tide initiative #CharlotteRising. You’ll see and hear #CharlotteRising referenced frequently around town and connected to several ongoing initiatives to revitalize the area, especially the downtown area. 

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