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We empower. We inspire. We Do.

We talk the talk. And we walk the walk. From day one, we have been a community-driven organization dedicated to bringing about real change. Our volunteers are the superheros that move us closer to accomplishing our mission, and much of the positive change circulating throughout downtown is because of them. They operate through 4 Action Teams, empowering, inspiring, and advancing all corners of our downtown that make it the foundation of our community.



Economic Vitality

This team is all about strengthening our existing economic assets while creating more to build a diverse, strong district of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers, i.e.:

  • analyzing market forces

  • providing a balance commercial mix

  • business retention, expansion, and recruitment

  • supporting housing options

  • downtown business/property directory

  • shopping incentive programs

  • developing infill space

  • adaptive reuse of vacant/underused properties


This team is all about capitalizing on and enhancing the physical nature and aesthetic of downtown to create an appealing and inviting atmosphere for people to live, work, and play in, i.e.:

  • facade improvements

  • placemaking

  • historic rehabilitation

  • street furniture and decorations

  • public art

  • design services

  • facade grants

Arts Night Out 2019

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This team is all about delivering a positive message and image of downtown to instill pride, activity, and investment throughout the community and region, i.e.: 

  • downtown brand campaign

  • social media campaigns

  • special events

  • event marketing

  • promotion for downtown business/property happenings

  • newspaper articles

  • earned media


This team is all about building a consensus between the many vested stakeholders in the community to ensure that everybody is mobilized, engaged, and working towards a similar vision of downtown, i.e.:

  • community partnerships

  • downtown event collaboration

  • fundraising

  • volunteer recruitment and management

  • volunteer toolkit

  • public relations

  • organizational structure leadership

Michigan Main Street Services

Through this program, we are afforded a plethora of free, by request, and application-based services that we look forward to earning in the future. Take a look at some below!